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About Craig Morey



Bio Info:

Craig Morey was born and raised in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, in the Midwestern U.S. He attended Indiana University and studied with the noted Bauhaus artist, Henry Holmes Smith. After graduation,, Morey moved to California, where he and a group of other young photographers founded San Francisco Camerawork, the first nonprofit center for photography on the West Coast. Camerawork Gallery was (and continues to be) devoted to showing the newest and most innovative work in contemporary photography. Morey served as Executive Director of SF Camerawork from its founding until 1981.

During the same period, Morey's personal work with abstract and whimsical black & white nudes garnered numerous exhibitions and awards, including a Special Jury Prize at the International Triennial of Photography in Friebourg, Switzerland, and First Prize at the California State Exposition. He was also named one of five worldwide "Discoveries" by the editors of Time-Life' Books.

Morey left San Francisco Camerawork to pursue a free-lance photography career. His clients since then have included hundreds of magazines, such as Architectural Digest, San Francisco Focus, California Magazine, Interview, Newsweek, Penthouse, Cupido, and the Journal of Erotica. He has also done assignments for corporate clients, including Apple Computer, The Gap, Bechtel, Levi Strauss, Avon, Neutrogena and Wells Fargo Bank.

Beginning in 1988, working on assignment for Penthouse, Morey began creating a series of striking black & white nudes which appeared in numerous publications in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. A hardcover monograph of selections from this Penthouse project, Studio Nudes, was published in 1992. A second book of images, Body/Expression/Silence, was released in Japan in 1994, and another Japanese monograph, Linea, was published by Korinsha Press of Kyoto, in 1996. Morey's next collection, Twentieth Century Studio Nudes, was released in German, French and English by Glaspalast Edition of Augsburg Germany.

Craig Morey lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.



Craig Morey



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